Residential Applications

Stainless steel is the most naturally anti-bacterial surface you can buy. It has a surface which is extremely smooth and free of seams and other voids where bacteria can hide.  This smooth surface is resistant to germs but is also easy to clean.

The only items necessary to restore stainless steel to a perfectly clean condition are hot water, soap, a dishrag, and perhaps a towel for drying. Because stainless steel is so naturally resistant to germs, it has long been used not only for countertops and shelves in industrial kitchens, but also in operating rooms and morgues around the country.

Stainless steel surfaces are also quite tough. Like granite countertops, stainless steel countertops resist heat; a cook can place a pan directly from a burner onto the countertop with no ill effects. Unlike granite countertops, though, stainless steel counters are impermeable. With stainless, a homeowner never needs to worry about food or oil stains, nor do they require the regular application of sealants. By its very nature, stainless steel will not rust or otherwise corrode. In fact, if a homeowner provides basic care for their countertops, she can reasonably expect them to last a lifetime.

Another advantage of stainless steel surfaces is their modern, sleek appearance. They add a certain stream-lined look to any kitchen and look quite impressive. Stainless steel appliances have been popular for years, and a matching countertop is a great way to bring an industrial, semi-pro look to a kitchen in need of updating. Because they are most often used in restaurant kitchens, aspiring home cooks enjoy the “professional” feeling they get from using them, and guests are typically equally impressed by the industrial look.

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